MSSC training, certifications offered through Adult Education Program

Gadsden State cardinal mascot Swoop paid a visit to the MSSC class.

In June, Gadsden State Community College’s Adult Education Services announced it would host a certification program through the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council. Several Boot Camps were hosted throughout the academic year. The Boot Camp leads participants to being a certified production technician. 

“The CPT certification recognizes those who demonstrate mastery of the foundational, core competencies of advanced manufacturing production at the entry-level to front-line supervisor through successful completion of the assessments,” said Patti Wilkins, director of Adult Education Services. “The goal is to raise the level of performance of production technicians to help employers ensure their workforce increases the company’s productivity and competitiveness.” 

The MSSC Boot Camp held during the summer semester of 2021 had an instructional focus on safety, quality, production and maintenance. The course was hybrid, which means it was conducted both online and in-person. The in-person class days were strategically taught as needed when students needed the hands-on instruction for a specific module. 

“The production certification focuses on manufacturing processes and equipment,” she said. “The curriculum covers the principles of Lean Manufacturing, Lean processes, hand tools, using a drill press and production processes using a Skill Boss, which is an automated sortation system.” 

An additional certification is offered in Manufacturing Maintenance Practices. 

“The manufacturing certification is an introduction to mechanical drive systems, power transmission systems, chain drives, welding preparation, basic electrical circuits, introduction to fluid power, pneumatic power, mechanical power transmission, automation sequence circuits, maintenance of a Skill Boss and more,” Wilkins said. 

During the spring semester, Gadsden State offered courses for Certified Logistics Technician and Certified Logistics Associate. 

“The CLT and CLA are similar to the CPT except that it’s for material handling instead of advanced manufacturing production,” Wilkins said. “The CLA covers the basics while the CLT offers more advanced training.” 

For more information, visit Potential students may also complete an interest form at the site. A member of the Adult Education Services staff will contact you via email within two business days.