Sample agenda for Cardinal Commit:


8:00am: Sign in & Receive Welcome Packet  (Doors will not open early)


9:00am: Opening Session


10:00am: Cardinal Training Session (Students only)

                   Group Advising/ Class Registration


10:00am: Parent Panel


10:30am - Noon: Student Services Browse Session

                                 Admissions & IT Helpdesk Kiosk



Noon:  Optional Lunch at the GSCC Cafeteria

($5 per person - Gadsden Campus Only)



The agenda is subject to change.



Gadsden State's Cardinal Commit is designed for admitted students to attend prior to their first semester.

It is a can't miss event for new Gadsden State students!



5 simple steps to get the most out of Cardinal Commit


1. RSVP for Cardinal Commit starting May 1st > HERE


2. Complete admissions requirements, including submitting your graduated high school transcript


3. Log in to - your initial credentials are sent via email after your complete step 2


4. Identify your Faculty Advisor:   mygadsdenstate > BannerSSB > Student > View Student Information


5. Meet with your Faculty Advisor and determine first semester classes



5 awesome advantages to coming to Cardinal Commit


1. Learn how to utilize myGadsdenState to register for classes, check financial aid, review student information,

     and so much more!


2. Discover campus resources that help students succeed!


3. Get your FREE student id and parking decal!


4. Connect with student organizations and explore college life!


5. Meet other incoming students and discover what it means to be a Gadsden State Cardinal!



2018 Schedule

Registration now open!


June 27, 2018

Beck Conference Center, Gadsden


June 28, 2018

McClellan Campus, Anniston


July 17, 2018

Ayers Campus, Anniston


July 18, 2018

Cherokee Campus, Centre


July 19, 2018

Beck Conference Center, Gadsden



For more information about Cardinal Commit New Student Orientation visit Enrollment Services and find an Enrollment Specialist in your area!


After your admission status is complete, we hope you will find these NEXT STEPS helpful in completing your enrollment process.

Log-in to myGadsdenState

         myGadsdenState is the single log-in

          for Self-Service  Banner,  student email,

         Office 365 & Blackboard.

          To log-in:

          > Go to myGadsdenState

          > Click “Forgot Username” to set up

                your account

          > Username & password will be

               sent via email


Meet with an Advisor

           Advisors are assigned according to your program of study and

          are able to help you understand degree requirements, make

           appropriate course selection, complete schedule planning, and

          stay on track to graduate and/or transfer.


           Find my advisor:

           > Click Banner SSB

           > Click Student

           > Click Student Records

           > Click View Student Information


           Meet my advisor:

           Call or email to set up an advising appoint. Stopping by an office

           without an appointment will not guarantee advisement. We

           highly suggest making an appointment due to instructor class

           and meeting schedules.


Register for Classes

             > myGadsdenState

            > Click Banner SSB

            > Click Student

            > Click Registration

            > Click Add or Drop Classes


After completing the items above, it is now time to do the following:

Verify your class schedule and

          Financial Aid Status

             > myGadsdenState


Get a Student ID and

          parking decal

              > myGadsdenState


Pay your tuition

           > on-campus

           > myGadsdenState


Sign-up for a payment plan if


            >   myGadsdenState


Purchase books at Gadsden

           State’s  Online Bookstore

           >   Gadsden State Bookstore



Gadsden State offers many opportunities to get involved and stay engaged! Whether it’s enjoying a performance, participating in a club or organization, or cheering on the Cardinals at a game or match—by getting involved, you’re getting more out of college! Find out how to get involved at Get on Board Day at the beginning of the fall semester.

Intercollegiate Athletics




Marty Dixon - 256.549.8481 - Beck Field House



Connie Clark -256.549.8447 - Beck Field House





Dedrick Tarver - 256.549.8442 - Beck Field House



Buster Stewart - 256.549.8441 - Beck Field House



Student Clubs


Alpha Beta Gamma - Business Honorary

Angie Waits - 256.549.8342 - Allen Hall Rm 213



Tina Whittington - 256.549.8476 - Naylor Hall Rm 116


Cardinal Spirit Club


Chess Club

David Murdock - 256.549.8416 - Bevill Center Rm 4


Circle K

Dave Hyatt - 256.549.8624 - Bevill Center


Economics Club

James Yohe - 256.549.6859 - Allen Hall


Fellowship of Christian Athletes - FCA

Buster Stewart - 256.490.0882 - Cardinal Room


Honors Program

David Murdock - 256.549.8416 - Bevill Center Rm 4


Honor Society Technical

Deb Reynolds - 256.549.8631 - Electrical Building


Institute of Electrical/Electronics Engineer - IEEE

David Barnett - 256.549.8632 - Mitchell Hall Rm 200


InterClub Council

Sponsored by SGA - 256.549.8329/8370


Massage Therapy Club

Laura Nelson - 256.549.6916 - Helderman


Medical Lab Technology Society - MLT

Ann Wheeler - 256.549.8471 - Bevill Center Rm 11


National Technical Honor Society -

Sigma Alpha Pi

Deb Reynolds - 256.549.8631 - Electrical Building






(Student Clubs cont.)


Phi Beta Lamda - Business - PBL

Angie Waits - 256.549.8342 - Allen Hall Rm 213


Phi Theta Kappa - Honorary - PTK

Melissa Davis - 256.549.8383 - Inzer Hall


Red Cross Awareness Club

Gay Utz - 256.549.8468 - Bevill Center


Rho Theta Sigma

SSG Joseph Barr - 256.604.8752


Reserve Officers Training Corps - ROTC

SPC Brandon Murray - 256.282.9954 - Inzer Hall


Scholars Bowl

David Murdock - 256.549.8416 - Bevill Center Rm 7


Student Activities

Matthew Burttram - 256.549.8646 - One Stop


Student Government Association - SGA/NSLS

Kelley Pearce - 256.549.8376 - Inzer Hall


Skills USA

Kristi Clifton - 256.549.8626


Students Without Borders International Club

Carol Gray - 256.549.8438



Melissa Davis - 256.549.8383




Baptist Campus Ministry

Eric Sexton - 256.504.6565


Gadsden State Democrats/Republicans

Derrick Griffey - 256.549.6833 - Allen Hall


Gadsden State Fishing Cardinals

Hugh Hammer - 256.549.8345 - Aquatics Building


Gadsden State Student Nurses Association

Cindy Mullinax - 256.549.8437


Gadsden State Alumni Association

Brandy Hyatt - 256.549.8247


Performance Groups


Gadsden State Show Band

Matt Leder - 256.549.8394 - Wallace Hall Fine Arts Center Rm 116


Gadsden State Singers

John Harrell - 256.549.8391 - Wallace Hall Fine Arts Center Rm 114

Student Support Services


  • Are you a first generation student?
  • Do you have a documented disability?
  • Are you eligible for Financial Aid?


If you answered YES to at least one of these questions, you are in the right place!

Our goal in Student Support Services is to retain and graduate students who are first generation, low-income, and/or disabled by ensuring they receive every possible opportunity to succeed. We provide tutoring services,

in-house academic advisement, workshops, computer access, proctors for exams, tours of university campuses and opportunities to attend cultural events. The best part about our program ….everything is FREE!! SSS strives to create a comfortable and supportive learning environment to ensure equal opportunities for success at Gadsden State. Please feel free to tour our site in order to learn more about our program and the services we provide.


  • Tutoring - Subjects including English, Math, Science, Computer and Accounting
  • Advisement - Assistance scheduling classes that work toward graduation or transfer
  • Workshops - Financial literacy, test taking, stress management and more...
  • Technology - An open lab, help with computer based courses and free printing
  • Campus Visits - Visit 4-year colleges and universities that interest you
  • Cultural Trips - Travel with us to museums, theaters, and other cultural events
  • Scholarships - Limited funds are available based on eligibility/need


Student Support Services





Cardinal Tutoring Center


The Cardinal Tutoring Center is dedicated to creating a learning environment that enhances the success of students by providing quality tutoring services for all students. We serve ALL students! No appointment necessary! We offer computer and printing services to help you succeed in every class. We also offer workshops each semester that support success in a variety of classes.


Location: Inzer Hall

Times of operation: 9 am-5 pm Monday - Thursday

Contact Information: 256-547-8285

Email: Farrah Hayes at



Peer Tutors


Peer Tutors are students who excel in their areas of study and who enjoy helping fellow students achieve academic success. The peer tutors’ goal is to help students become active, independent learners. We use a variety of techniques such as questioning, modeling, listening, and demonstration. Tutoring is not intended to be a substitute for class attendance or a quick fix the day before an exam.


Peer Tutor Scholarship- If you have a 3.2 GPA and 24 hours of college credit, you can receive a scholarship that covers half of your tuition in exchange for 4 hours of tutoring each week. If you are interested in becoming a peer tutor, please contact Farrah Hayes at




Math Lab


Tutoring is available through the Math Division in the math labs, Naylor Hall Rm 206 & 207. Hours are posted throughout the Division and on the door at Naylor Hall Rm 206. Call (256) 549-8309 for more information.


Math and Engineering


Math Tutoring Resources




Library Services


When you need to search for everything, find books, DVDs, articles, cite a resource, find tutoring information or just explore.


Gadsden State Library Services


Ayers Campus – Pierce C. Cain Learning Resource Center


Cherokee Campus


McClellan Center – McClellan Education District


Valley Street Campus


Wallace Drive Campus – Meadows Library



Career Services


To educate, prepare and assist students in meeting the workforce challenges of the 21st century through participation in career preparation activities and cooperative education experiences.


What do we do?


  • Counsel students
  • Assist students in conducting successful job search campaigns
  • Serve as a point of contact for employers who are interested in Gadsden State students
  • Partner with faculty to provide students with the highest quality curricular and co-curricular experiences
  • Refer students to part-time, full-time and internship positions
  • Assist students in preparing resumes and constructing other job related correspondence
  • Develop and coordinate Cooperative Education work sites and experiences for students


Specific Services include but are not limited to:


  • Career counseling
  • Workshops on self-assessment, goal setting, resume writing, interviewing skills, and successful job search strategies
  • Employment Opportunity Fairs
  • Establishing, maintaining and monitoring Cooperative Education work sites
  • Developing and maintaining a Career Resource Library


Career Services



ADA Accommodation Request


Gadsden State Community College fully supports and seeks to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). We strive to create a welcoming environment and will work in good faith to meet the needs of all populations and provide opportunities for success with as few deterrents as possible to the students, employees, and citizens of the communities we serve. Students are encouraged to contact their campus representative in the Office of Disability Services and Resources to request accommodations. Visit Office of Disability Services and Resources or find the DSR representatives contact information below.



Find An Advisor


Advising Resource Center


From your initial contact with Gadsden State, our top priority is your success! At the Advising Resource Center, you will find counselors, advisors, instructors and office staff who care about helping you reach your educational goal.


Supplemental Advisement

  • Assist students enrolled in developmental courses


Academic Counseling

  • Study Skills
  • Test-Taking Skills
  • Choosing a Major
  • Time Management


Personal Concerns

  • Stress Management
  • Depression
  • Test and Speech Anxiety
  • Situational Problems


Social Awareness

  • Dating Violence
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • HIV/AIDS Awareness
  • Alcohol/ Substance Abuse



Locating My Advisor


Advisors are assigned according to your program of study and are able to help you understand degree requirements, make appropriate course selection, complete schedule planning, and stay on track to graduate and/or transfer.



How do I find my advisor?


          >  myGadsdenState

           > Click Banner SSB

           > Click Student

           > Click Student Records

           > Click View Student Information


How do I meet with my advisor?


Call or email to set up an advising appoint. Stopping by an office without an appointment will not guarantee advisement. We highly suggest making an appointment due to instructor class and meeting schedules.


Locating My Advisor



What if I am thinking about transferring?


If you complete an Associate in Arts (AA) or Associate in Science (AS) degree at Gadsden State, you will have completed a General Education Core Curriculum which is transferable to all public universities in Alabama. Students interested in transferring should sign up for to search for colleges and scholarship opportunities. Students should obtain a STARS guide which is a statewide agreement between the two-year and four-year colleges. By following the STARS guide, you will be sure that all your courses meet specific course requirements for your program of study at the college to which you are transferring.


Remember, employers want to hire people with strong skills in communication, critical thinking, and computers. Consider building skills in those areas by taking courses and/or seminars in English, speech, mathematics, and computer information systems.





What do I do if I’m undecided?


It’s okay to be undecided. There is no quick fix to choosing a career or college program of study. Usually, your choice will require diligent effort on your part. You will need to search actively for the information and/or experiences that will move you toward your “right” choice.


Gadsden State has services to assist you. Below are recommendations you might consider, depending on your individual situation.


  • Take an interest inventory which is available in the Advising Resource Center
  • Enroll in Orientation 101
  • Discuss career and education plans with counselors, academic advisors, faculty and employers
  • Take classes in the Program of Study that you are considering
  • Think about what interests you
  • Look into Gadsden State programs such as Student Support Services,  Veteran’s Upward Bound, Cooperative Education and many others
  • Consult with the Gadsden State Career Services office



Orientation 101


Orientation is a requirement for graduation for all degree or certificate seeking Gadsden State students during the first term if enrolled in five or more hours. This course provides first-semester Gadsden State students with the campus resources and academic skills necessary to achieve educational objectives. Some students may be exempt from Orientation if they are a transfer or transient student or are enrolled in an academic program that must follow the Alabama Community College System Standardized Curriculum.


F1rst Year Experience


What can I do to be a successful student?


Pointers to help you succeed after classes begin:

Go to ClassStay in ClassComplete the Class


  • Read course materials provided by the instructor
  • Connect with other class members and get their contact information
  • Plan to study for 2 hours for every hour of class time
  • Keep up with your assignments and don’t get behind
  • Talk with your instructor and/or advisor if you are having difficulties
  • Meet with your advisor to plan your schedule and use the STARS Guide if you plan to transfer



Technology Tips for Success


Your myGadsdenState account is your online connection to all things Gadsden State. You should log in to your myGadsdenState account DAILY to stay current on the following:


  • Student Email - remember, your student email account is Gadsden State’s official method of communication for college-related matters.
  • Blackboard Courses– students taking online courses should check Blackboard DAILY. Students taking any other course at the college should check Blackboard once or twice weekly during the semester. Students can monitor grades and messages from the instructor through Blackboard, and instructors often post important announcements in Blackboard.





Monday - Thursday > 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Friday > 7:30 .m. - 11:30 a.m.


Wallace Drive Campus >256-549-8200

> 1001 George Wallace Drive, Gadsden, AL 35903


Gadsden State Cherokee >256-927-1800

>  801 Cedar Bluff Road, Centre, AL 35960


McClellan Center >256-238-8342

> 100A Gamecock Drive, Anniston, AL 36205


Ayers Campus >256-835-5400

>  1801 Coleman Road, Anniston, AL 36207


East Broad Campus >256-549-8300

> 401 Korner Street, Gadsden, AL 35903


Valley Street Campus >256-549-8670

>  600 Valley Street, Gadsden, AL 35901


Admissions Office - Apply for Admission


East Broad Campus:

Admissions, One Stop Center >256-549-8210

Ayers Campus:

Room 125, Administration Building >256-835-5455

McClellan Center:

Room 1214 >256-238-9340

Gadsden State Cherokee:

Room 5 >256-927-1800


Career Services- Resumes and Jobs


Ayers Campus:

Room 207, Administration Building > 256-835-5481

Wallace Drive Campus:

Inzer Hall >256-549-8605


Business Office / Financial Services Questions


East Broad Campus:

Business Office, One Stop Center >256-549-8216

Ayers Campus:

Room 132, Administration Building >256-835-5440

McClellan Center:

Room 1214 >256-238-9340

Gadsden State Cherokee > 256-927-1809



DSR Campus Representatives


Gadsden Campuses:

Room 102, Joe Ford Center > 256-549-8462

Ayers Campus:

Office 154, Administration Building >256-835-5451

McClellan Center:

Office 1225 >256-238-9348

Gadsden State Cherokee:

Room 222  >256-549-8493


Financial Aid


East Broad Campus:

Financial Aid, One Stop Center >256-549-8284

Ayers Campus:

Room 126, Administration Building  >256-835-5420

McClellan Center:

Room 1216 >256-238-9341

Gadsden State Center:

Room 105 >256-927-1801


Student Support Services / TRIO


Wallace Drive Campus:

Room 213, Inzer Hall >256-549-8208

Ayers Campus:

Room 104, TRIO Building >256-835-5465

McClellan Center:

Room 1209 >256-549-8203

Gadsden State Cherokee:

Room 114  >256-549-8383




East Broad Campus >256-546-3334

Ayers Campus >256-835-2707